About TransPersonal Press

TransPersonal Press was established to publish and promote transpersonal psychology, psychotherapy, counselling and coaching texts for professional practitioners and students.

Transpersonal approaches are an exciting, innovative and dynamic therapeutic approach in the professional psychological arena, yet they are woefully under-represented in the publishing world. We aim to address that discrepancy, encouraging transpersonally-oriented practitioners, trainers and supervisors to publish their material so that they can be more effectively disseminated throughout the larger therapeutic community. There is a growing awareness that transpersonal psychotherapy offers practitioners and clients a much deeper and wider context to work from – drawing from social, political, ecological and field theory perspectives to expand upon the established psychodynamic foundations of psychotherapeutic theory.

The transpersonal purely means beyond the personal; and can be defined as the way in which experiences and perspectives extend beyond the personal sense of self to encompass wider experiences of the world and cosmos. Transpersonal approaches delve deeply into the nature of the Self, as a relational experience, with oneself, external relationships, the world around us, and the drive for making meaning in an existentially based reality, often using phenomenological approaches to explore the here and now of ‘who am I in relation to the world around me.’

TransPersonal Press’s mission is to bring transpersonal psychology, psychotherapy, and counselling fully into the publishing market place amongst the plethora of professional texts from other therapeutic schools, so that it’s dynamic application to the world can more fully serve the professional community.

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